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Move your current toll free number to IXICA free of charge!
No set-up charges | No term agreements
Expand your business reach with a toll fee number from IXICA.
Get a toll-free number with IXICA Business Services today at the best rates available. No extra equipment, no extra lines.
Incoming calls are routed to your PBX or an existing phone number.
Toll-Free Codes - 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 are all now available with IXICA. We host our toll free services on high availability servers both in Canada & the USA, providing higher security and better quality for our customers.
Toll free numbers are non-geographical, which means anyone from anywhere in North America can call you without incurring any long distance charges. Toll free numbers are great way to attract customers from different parts of the continent.
Toll Free Number
North American toll free number with unlimited inbound channels.
per month
Incoming Minutes
All incoming minutes are charged at:
per minute / ($0.028)
Termination Charges
Terminate to a PBX system free of additional charges

Terminate to one of our SIP channels free of additional charges

Terminate to any Canadian or US Number for just $0.012 / min