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Metered SIP Trunks
A single metered SIP trunks account with IXICA can provide you with virtually unlimited number of inbound and outbound channels. Unlimited number of channels is perfect for call centers, irregular usage based businesses and high usage businesses that require a high number of channels.
No minimum monthly committments, no additional charges - pay only for the minutes your business uses every month.
Canadian Number
per month

US Number
per month

Metered Charges
Incoming minutes from anywhere in the world, with unlimited channels
Outgoing calls include continental USA & Canadian provinces
No bandwidth charges
per minute

Already have a number with another carrier? Move it to us for a one-time charge of $14.75 / number
Let's calculate what it would cost you!
Metered SIP Trunks cost calculator
Base SIP Trunk Charge
$5.00 / month
E911 Charge
$1.25 / month
How many Canadian or US phone numbers do you require?
How many incoming minutes per month will you have (estimate)?
How many outgoing minutes to Canada / USA will you have per month (estimate)?